The iQ Puerto Rico Mastermind! You Are Invited!

Skyrocket Your Business In This 2+ Day Mastermind In A Tropical Paradise! December 1st thru December 3rd. In Rincon, Puerto Rico!

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You have been invited by me, Andrew Anderson. 🙂

At this Mastermind, I will be teaching you strategies that I have never shared before that my team use with our clients and partner Myron G!

And I will show you how can get all of your money back so that it is basically free by using the best tools on the planet for building your Challenges, YouTube Channel, writing your next book, building an amazing website, project management, stop Credit Card Charge Backs and failure to pay on payment plans, protecting your intellectual property, and more!

Oh and this is a big one. How to get 10 hours a week of your life back.

Hi, it is Sunday, October 8th, and I am working on the site right now! 🙂

In this 2+ Day Private Mastermind here is just some of what we are going to get!

How to get back 10 hours of your time a week. You will learn the tools and systems we use to manage our projects, teams, and clients.

How to protect your intellectual property. I have lost millions of dollars in the past and because of this, I have developed an easy-to-use system that stops this from happening. This makes use of Trademarks, Copyrights, Contracts, and the Blockchain.

How to stop fraudulent Credit Card Charge-backs in their tracks. Plus a way to get paid from people who stop paying on payment plans. This makes use of a proprietary system that we have developed that stops both things from happening.

*  You will get your YouTube Channel Monetized in 60 days or less. Plus, how to bring in leads from all of your Videos! Ninja Secrets I have not taught anywhere else!  If your site is already Monetized, you get extra help!

*  A rebuilt ADA Compliant super fast Website free for 120 days. With no build charge!

Maximize your Challenge Funnel to double your current volume and to get more profit out of what you are already doing.

Secret Ninja Tricks for Organic Traffic that has resulted in $2 Billion in counting in Organic Leads for our clients.

You will write your next book in less than 1 hour while at the retreat. You NEED another book and I will show you why.

How to use Ai to boost your production by 20x for all types of copy including, Videos, Sales Copy, and Social Media.

Get your funnel rebuilt so it is ADA-compliant and so it can pick up 100% more mobile traffic.*

YouTube traffic secrets that can help explode your channel and bring in organic traffic like crazy.

You will get your audiobooks done with no work on your part and how to market them and bring in up to 100% more clients for your challenges.

How to maximize your Continuity Programs so that you have more money coming in while you sleep than you ever thought possible.

The power of partnerships and how to use them to create 7 and 8-figure opportunities.

Entity strategies from Puerto Rico that can help you pay 0 as in ZERO capital gains and only a 4% Business tax, while living in paradise and still within US a territory.  

You will learn how if you make over $500,000, you can get your $ 1 Million dollar house paid for in PR just in tax savings.

You will learn how to pull this together to help you live a life most people only dream of. PLUS a whole lot more!

Learn how to throw together a Jankie Landing Page like this to do things you want to do anyway and get paid! 🙂

Last but not least, you will get over $10,000 in software and services! So it is like getting paid $5,000 to come to the Mastermind!

Plus you get a video of the whole thing! This will be like taking a gold mine home with you!

1 - How is this different from everything eles?

You Will Get The Practical And Technical Longer Crowbars That Puts The Leverage In Hands To Dominate You Niche. I Will Do This On A 5th Grade Level For Challenges, Websites. Continuity Programs, Social Media, And Video.

This intimate small group will allow you to relax and learn. The maximum will be 12 paid members in the Mastermind. You will be taught and shown how to effortlessly use the first 11 items on the list to immediately bump up your profits. This will be hands on so bring your Laptops!

You will learn how to integrate Ai into your business models seamlessly. Because Ai will not put people out of business, but those peeps (like you) that use Ai correctly will!

2 - What is in it for me?

You are going to get more of your time back while automating many of the processes you have and do them all more efficiently.

You will learn how to totally revamp your website, Loops (funnels), YouTube Channel, Email and Text Sequences, and even 5-Day Challenges so that you have the ability maximize your profit potential so that you can get numbers like the ones on the left that Myron Golden now has after we rebuilt his site using iQ My Site.

Did you know that for each 1/10th of a second load time on your mobile site speed that you can see an 8% increase in eCommerce sales?

Plus, you will get to hang out with and gain wisdom and friendship from some of the coolest, smartest, and most wonderful people on the planet!

This will pay for itself for years to come!

You will get over $10,000 in software and services on top of everything else.  Keep reading because wait, there is more!

3- How do I know that this is real?

We have worked on thousands of Websites and and have created the best website and Loop (funnel) system in the world, bar none. This is why Myron Golden chose us to help him redo his website and build the software he now  uses and we will soon be offering to the public.

The results do not lie. No one that we know of has a system that is even close to use that covers all 4 areas that Google looks at.

1. Mobile Site Speed.

2. Accessibility or ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance which all websites and funnels must comply with by law or face penalties in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.
3. SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

4. Best Practices for web page loading

Our team also has a software patent going up against the likes of Google, Microsoft, and some of the best, well funded software creators in the World and beating them at their own game!

Our Team has worked on projects for Myron Golden, Microsoft, IBM, University Of Miami, DuPont, University Of Michigan, US Department Of Justice, Domino’s, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, CNN, FOX, New York Times, APP, Virgin Airlines, and hundreds of others

4 - What Is Holding Me Back?

The things that are holding you back are…

1. You are not using the best systems and technology available for your web presence and marketing. Let’s face it, you have been busying doing the gravitropic work to build you expertise! Plus, it is hard enough to keep up with things, you can’t expect yourself to right? If you are using old Website and Funnel builders, you are using technology that is out date and could be costing your 100’s of thousands each month.

2. You do not know the best techniques and combinations of methods that allow you to get organic traffic to your websites and funnels, and how to maximize and  use YouTube and social media to bring in customers.

Did you know that for each 1/10th of a second load time on your mobile site speed that you can see an 8% increase in eCommerce sales according to Google?

5 - Who/What Is To Blame?

I know you have heard this before but it is really not your fault. That being said, are you ready for another truth. It is you… at least partially. Let me explain. 🙂

Because your are ignorant, unaware and just do not know what you do not know… until now that is!  I say this tongue in cheek of course. Still you are going to find out a whole lot of what you need to know to rocket your business forward and serve those you are supposed to while building your Kingdom!

There are big tech companies out there that have millions to market their products for site building, funnels, websites, membership sites and continuity back ends.

The big problem is that most are based on technology that is years our of date and do not make use of the amazing tech that has come out in the past 9 months. It would take them a year to totally rebuild their systems and in the meantime, you, their clients hemorrhage profits daily!

Things now are changing weekly! Big companies and big teams are simply not nimble enough to keep up.

And not one single one of them that we have found is ADA compliant out of the gate protecting your from penalties that could cost you over $100,000. Not one!

Plus, the techniques that bring in organic traffic and weave a cohesive strategy that brings in your website, funnels, and social media in line with SEO is simply not taught because it is so valuable. That is until now… 🙂

6 - Why Now?

Why now is because the tech exists and is available at amazing prices! Plus you met me and I am will layout the processes at your feet and I will show you how to run with it.

The early adopters of Integrated Ai systems like you will learn at the Mastermind will not only help grow in your niche, but dominate it while your competition is using old strategies, technology, and systems.

When done correctly, you can own your market.

These are they same systems that we are using to map out bringing our company to over a $ Billion dollar valuation in the next few years.

7 - Why Should I Trust You?

That is a great question and here is your answer.

For starters, Myron has entrusted us to build his site and help him with marketing. Since we have been with him he has made millions of dollars. And no, we will not and cannot take the Kudos for all of that. That being said we have definitely contributed just a a bit.

The other reason is that when I first went through Myron’s Challenge a little over a year ago, I was able to make an additional $30,000 by Thursday during the challenge. I am a quick learner and execute now!

Myron then totally rearranged the furniture in my head in a way that I am thankful for each day. Pretty sure you can relate LOL.

That being said, I know you will get this. He taught me by yielding to God and my mission, that I am supposed to share my gifts with those whom I am supposed to serve!

The first person in our group I served was Myron of course. How cool is that?

Guess what, I am supposed to serve you… and help you build your Kingdom.

We are meant to be the best Queens and Kings of our Kingdoms that we can. Strong Kingdoms are built on strong alliances. I want to make us all become allies with this in mind. Being able to do so is the blessing that I am supposed to share if you allow me to serve you.

8 - How does it work?

iQAi Robot

It works GREAT!

This is training in a very small and intimate group!

I am going to be spilling the beans with you on all of my gravitropic work that me and my team has been doing over the past 10 years!

You will learn the marketing and sales strategies and customer retention which has given us the unheard of 7.2 year lifetime average for our clients!

This will be hands on training where we are going to go over what Ai can and can’t do for you. We are going to have you get 90-99% of your book written in less than an hour.  Then once that is completed you will get your book cloned with  your Ai Voice using so you will have an audio version as well!

We will also be going over YouTube, Websites, Loops (funnels), Continuity programs, Challenges, Email and Text Marketing and the systems we use to pull all of this together!

You will get to ask pretty much as many questions as it pertains to your business and get the benefit of other asking about things that you have not thought of that you can use as well!

You will walk away with assets you can start using to make money right away and help build your Kingdom stronger!

9 - How Can I Get Started?

For starters, make sure you grab one of the very limited limited. Try 12. This is a +1 program.

You invest in you and you can bring your partner to attend at no charge.

Since this is short notice, the house where the training will be taking place only has 4 bedrooms that can be shared. Once they are taken, there are tons of  Airbnb nearby if we run out of room or you want to stay elsewhere.

We will be well stocked with food and there are also tons of great restaurants nearby. We will be going out to dinner on Saturday or have a chef cater us which is to be determined.

It also has some of the best beaches in the world within walking distance or a short drive away.

If you arrive on the 1st, come with my while I celebrate my Birthday and talk business, which is one of my favorite things to do!

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A message from Myron Golden

Skyrocket Your Business!

The future is here.

Here are a few pix of where you are going!

Get your Seat for just $5,000

Yes, I know only 5k and you get your money back in software, and a free book, and a free audio book? If you already got one from us, you will get another for only the monthly maintenance fee. I have my reasons that I will let you in on when you get there. This will be a minimum of $15,000 to $25,000 next round. So no, you do not need to come and get my family. 🙂

There are easy flights into San Juan or to BQN Airport below. I fly into San Juan on Southwest and rent a car. It is being held in Rincon, PR which is on the far West side of the Island.  It is about a 2.5 hour drive to Rincon from San Juan.  If you have only been to San Juan, you are in for a treat.

I would suggest you rent a car or there are commuter air flights to BQN, Aquidila Airport from San Juan.

Here is the airport nearby.

Rafael Hernández International Airport

FVW7+5Q3, Hangar Rd, Aguadilla, 00603, Puerto Rico

We will be recording a video of the whole event so that you can go back over everything and get things done when you get back home!

We have 5 Bedrooms with Queen Beds in the house. Once they are gone, There are tons of good, reasonable Airbnbs nearby in Rincon, Aguadilla, and Isabela all within a 5 to 20-minute drive.

Here is the Airbnb link here!

The address is: 304 ext Calle Los Robles, Rincon PR 00677

Here is a Google Map Link for the house as well.

This is on a first come – first served basis. Please send an email to: and let me know if you are coming and one to take one of the bedrooms. They all have at least one queen bed and some have two, so if you are solo and want to share a room we can figure it out. 

For those of you who would rather pay by ACH, just send me an email or text at 615-999-9179.

Can’t wait to see you there for my Birthday!


Puerto Rico Mastermind Videos And Handouts

$ 2,500
  • Videos Of The Two Main Days
  • Handouts And Slides
  • $2,500 In Credits Toward Any iQ Product Or Service
  • Get Together Dinner
  • Live Beach Meetup and Brainstorming
  • Write Your Book In Class

Puerto Rico Mastermind Tickets

$ 5,000
  • Videos Of Two Main Days
  • Handouts And Slides
  • $5,000 In Credits Toward Any iQ Product Or Service
  • Get Together Dinner
  • Live Beach Meetup and Brainstorming
  • Write Your Book In Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Because this is Founder Experiment. Plus, there are a couple of more reasons that I will go over in class.  So you Do Not need to come and take my family! 🙂

The content will be chunked down into small edible pieces. So no need to worry.

There are easy to follow step by step video guides for every part of the system.  We not only show you how to use it, but we also show you how we use it in our business.  There are live trainings sessions twice a month to to keep you up-to-date.

Yes! With our training, you can actually get most of your book written in under an hour.

Yes, while there are shuttles and some ride-shares, it will be far easier if you rent a car. All major care rental agencies are available.

Yes! You can choose from any of them and full details will be provided.