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Welcome to iQAi.pro

Watch the video below to install iQAi.pro

Click on this link updated July 6, 2024 iqai-ext-3.04 to download the new plugin. There are more advanced prompts, and it now saves pictures in your history! Currently works with ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, Leonardo, Bing Images, and Ideogram! 🙂 All that and it is still easy to use.

This Version now saves your prompts and output in the Cloud!

Please watch the video on how to use it the first time.

You can also export, and import your history too!  Woot…

We also now include an Ai Detector and a Re-Writer in the Platinum Version!

The Pro Gold Version is only $7 per month and you get a 7 day free trial, and the Platinum version is $97 per month and comes with Ai Detection, and Ai rewriter.

Plus you get our advanced training on how to integrate Ai into your business and our Bi-Weekly Newsletter and training so that you can keep up with all things Ai.