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Ai Training

Ai Training offers comprehensive and thorough training in Ai for your organization, covering everything from the introduction to Ai benefits to complex integrations. Equip your team with the knowledge they need to excel in the Ai landscape. Because you can dominate your niche with Ai.

Ai Persona Bots

Imagine scaling the expertise of your best minds, making them always up-to-date to assist your customers. With Ai Personas, you can now achieve this, ensuring your team’s knowledge is infinitely scalable and always available, all at about 70 cents per hour with no sick days! Can you say hello profits?

Ai voice with picture of a red head talking into a headset

Ai Phone Assistants

Feeling the pressure of missed sales due to busy phone lines or unavailable staff? Ai Voice can handle dozens or even hundreds of incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously, ensuring you never miss an opportunity. Take dozens of calls at a time.  And they always have the latest information.

Ai Automations And Custom Builds

Ai Automations

Ai Automations and Custom Builds can streamline every area of your operations. From customer acquisitions to social media management and customer support, Ai optimizes and enhances efficiency across all fronts, ensuring smooth and effective workflows.

Ai Sales and Marketing money going into a funnel

Ai Sales

Ai Sales And Marketing can revolutionize your sales process. From creating sales collateral to Ai Personas managing all incoming and outgoing sales calls, it transforms every aspect of your sales strategy, making it more efficient.

Ai Support

Ai Support is a game changer. Imagine having clear, knowledgeable support 24/7 for pennies on the dollar. We make it possible, providing your organization with round-the-clock assistance that’s both affordable and reliable.

Ai Websites on a phone and laptom

Ai Websites

Ai Websites give you an edge in creating content that converts. With posts and pages achieving perfect 100 SEO scores, you’ll get ranked higher, making it easier for buyers to find you and boosting your online presence. And they are ADA-compliant.

iQiA.Pro Ai Tools

Ai Tools

Ai Tools are our specialty, and building them is how we launched iQAi. Pro Organiser lets you use prompts across all models and keeps your content in one place, streamlining your workflow and ensuring organized efficiency.

ai medical

Ai Medical

Ai Medical elevates patient care to new heights. From patient onboarding to Ai diagnostic imaging, it enhances every aspect of healthcare, ensuring improved outcomes and a better experience for patients.

Helping You Adopt Ai Is Our Mission...

Your success with Ai as a client is our mission… That’s it…

The only goal that matters to us is to see you successfully adapt AI to your business as fast as possible and dominate your niche.

Ai will not put you out of business, but people who use it and adopt it within the next 12 months will.

Let us help you grow and thrive with an Ai System that puts you in the Drivers Seat!

Still have questions? Here are some answers


Yes, we offer Ai training on several different levels. We have introduced Ai to advanced integrations for companies and groups. Online live training for groups of up to 20 people starts at just $997 per hour.  We have customized training to meet your exact needs. Contact us today for a discovery call on how we can best help you.

Yes, the Pro Package is just $7 per month, and the Platinum Package with Ai Rewrite and bi-weekly training, as well as the “Practical Ai Training,” is just $47 per month. 

There are easy to follow step by step video guides for every part of the system.  We not only show you how to use it, but we also show you how we use it in our business.  There are live trainings sessions twice a month to to keep you up to date on the best prompts.
Yes! With our training, you can actually get most of your book written in under an hour.
Yes, you can use and save your own prompts!

Yes, we have some of the most advanced Ai detection available. However, this has been overblown by many companies and the press. The FTC recently released a statement that said most Ai Detectors incorrectly identify human written content as Ai written 50% of the time.

Yes, that is what make it so great. It acts as a storage system for all of your prompts and output. It is the ultimate Ai organizer.

A basic, relatively low-volume iQ Ai Phone Assistant that is trained on your information starts at a $2,497 set-up fee and $449 per month. They can answer calls 24/7, 365 days a year, and never call in sick. They can give out general information and set up appointments. This is less than and answering service that does not give nearly the customized experience!

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